07 December 2007
My job
The new job's not bad. I'm a little disappointed - when I hired on everyone said "Oh you'll be swamped once you're trained up!" Um, not so much. I've got a lot of thumb twiddling time still. I read manuals but I can only do that for so long and then I end up surfing the internet to avoid falling asleep at my desk. It was good for my writing - I could sneak in chapters here and there.


This office is much bigger than my last one. Like a little more than three times the employees. But still, there's always that one special case, isn't there?

A certain employee, for whom I shall have to develop a nickname (because I'm sure she'll be showing up time and time again) was born missing one of her eyes. Really. She swears it. Her parents were all sorts of traumatized and worried about her.

But then it grew back.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Uh, interesting co-worker you have there.

P.S. I will read this and salivate over the fact that you have a jobbie job and get a real paycheck n' stuff.

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