28 January 2008
Ooooh.....me wants
Ok, so this writer strike has me worried. Would you damn producers just give them what they want already? I only have three more episodes of House and then what am I supposed to do? I'm telling you, it won't be pretty, especially since the last episode will show two weeks after my husband LEAVES for 15 months in a WAR ZONE. Meaning I will already be in a fragile mental state and cannot be held responsible for my actions should House go off the air just because y'all are being JACKASSES! Do you want to be responsible for my insanity? Do you?


It occurred to me today that one of my other recent favorite shows, Burn Notice, is probably in jeopardy. It's a summer season show on USA. Michael's smart and hot, one of those "I'm not a nice guy but whoops I've got a heart of gold." The interplay with his Irish sometimes-girlfriend is smoking. And I'm sure they didn't complete the '08 season an entire year in advance.

Worried about Burn Notice, I hop on IMDB. (Of course.) Michael is played by Jeffery Donovan. If I can't see him in Burn Notice, what else have I got? Apparently he's in a movie called The Changeling, that's in post-production. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Starring Angelina Jolie. And John Malkovich is in it. And I'll get a chance to see my hottie. OMG, can this get any better?

Yes, it can.

It's a period drama. Set in the 1920s. About corruption in the LAPD! Oh. My. God. Squee!

Did they make this movie just for me?


Blogger Ann Aguirre said...

That sounds awesome! It could only be better if it had Bruce Campbell in it. I love Burn Notice!

Blogger Katy said...

The writers' strike is when you join netflix and watch all the TV that people have said was soooooo good.

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