26 March 2008
Dammit, Sherry Thomas!
I'm exhausted an it's all your fault.

I ran out last night and picked Private Arrangements up. It started in the drive through line for my dinner. "I'm just going to read a page," I thought.

A page turned into a chapter, which turned into "Just a few minutes more," and then the next thing I knew I was finishing the book at 1am and sleeping with it on the bed next to me.

There's no Ehvil Villan, there's no spies, there's no killer after them. There's just Cam and Gigi and how they and their love grow up. It's lovely and sexy and I even cried a bit (which is saying a whole lot for me.) Both are flawed, human creatures who desperately want to be happy.

I loved the time period as well. The entire world was changing in the late 1800s and that knowledge blends seamlessly into this book. Cam and Gigi were entirely beings of and in their time, not modern characters who're just plunked down in a different time so they can wear pretty clothes.

At this point, I'm just sighing and smiling wistfully about it, so it's hard to come up with a comprehensive review. Just go read it. Now.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

There's nothing better than getting completely submerged in a fabulous book. LOVE that!

Blogger Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, no! You cried! Did you cry at the end? I felt the saddest moment was where...not to spoil but where Cam thinks something is true from a conversation overheard and gets excited and then realizes it's not.

This book really does sort of take a person by the throat!

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