09 April 2008
New crushes for me

Lee-Hom Wang, from Lust, Caution.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, from New Amsterdam. He took a couple weeks to grow on me but now I'm unswerving in my affections. You know, except for Lee-Hom. Or Ryan Phillipe. Or Viggo (in some movies). Or Brent Vanderzant (or whatever his name is, he's an underwear model and I saw him in Mrs Giggles' cache). See, I'm absolutely faithful to my dear Nikolaj.

And yes, I have realized that all my crushes develop whenever the Husband is away. I find this perfectly sensible, thank you very much.


Blogger phsymom said...

Nikolaj = Yummmmmmy

Check out Burn Notice and Jeffrey Donovan. Still shots do not do him justice. When he is in motion, he is SEXY. They just started rerunning the series. Think updated, sexier, edgier MacGyver. I absolutely love his mouth, and those eyes, and that butt ... uhm, ok well just check it out k?

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Ohhhhh yeah, Jeffery Donovan's hot. I caught up with Burn Notice halfway through the first season, then watched 'em all due to the wonders of a DVRed marathon. There's just something about the way he moves. . . Can't wait 'til the new season.

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