31 May 2008
Two months!
Do you know what today is? Less than two months to the RWA National Convention in SF. I was totally going to post yesterday, when it would have been exactly two months but my box came from Amazon. I almost had to chase the FedEx guy down 'cause he went *past* my house. And then I read the new Julia Quinn. The whole thing. And really? Loretta Chase is calling my name. And my WIP is craving a couple thousand words. So you're lucky I'm even posting today. :) I mean, don't y'all live for my infrequent posts? No? Really?


Where was I?

Two months to Nationals!

I'm not even sure I can describe how freaking excited I am. Lemme just say this is my first solo trip (ie non-kids, non-husband accompanied) in eight years. I'm registered, I have hotel reservations, I have airline tickets. This is a real thing! I'm meeting women I've known on the intertubes for years now and I feel like I'm doing a real, professional thing for my whole wanna-be-published dealio. I considered going to a smaller conference first, but I figured jumping in the deep end first was more my style.

And the husband is even behind me now! Initially he said "But next year's in DC and that's much closer" and essentially implied I'm too naive to be wandering around the streets of SF by myself. (I can't even describe how ironic that is. I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area once upon a time.) Now he's trying to make sure I have extra spending cash so I can have a good time and go out one night.

Oh, speaking of going out one night! So I was over at Bettie's blog, and Nationals came up and she and Ann and I started talking about going out one night for dinner and drinks with Carrie. (whee for run-ons!) So next time I talked to my friend from high school, I asked if she knew some places. Oh boy does she. She asked what our budgets and tastes were (I didn't know what to tell her yet) and among other things she suggested Supper Club if we wanted to go high end. Look at that place! It's so swank I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself. It's a damn far cry from Chili's and the honkey tonk bar my friend and I go to around here. But no matter where we end up I'm sure we'll have a blast.

And btw, I promise this is the last/only countdown post. Really. Unless I get even more overly-excited. Um. No, it's the last one, really. I'll just leave the sqeeing in draft form if I *must* write it.


Blogger Carrie Lofty said...

Is Bettie going too? It's gonna be neatorific.

Blogger Ann Aguirre said...

Yep. We're definitely all going out to dinner. Carrie and I already have each other's cell phone numbers, but I'll want yours and Bettie's before we travel.

Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Can I be all fangyrl and tag along? That SupperClub place scares me--a website where I have to chase down little white balls to find where to click to see the restaurant in San Fran? yeesh.

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