01 May 2008
Fond Farewell and Free Stuff
Well, today's the day. My novella (almost novella, word count wise?) Tarnished Angel finishes it's run today at Bam's place. It's been a fun eight weeks and everyone's said such nice things. Even better, those who thought not-nice things kept their mouth shut.

So I thought of a way to say thank you. I'm resurrecting Bam's writing contest. It seems fitting, considering the contest was the genesis of Tarnished Angel.

The prompt: I wanna see a girl tell a guy what she wants. Sexy, zany, crazy, whatever. I wanna see her pipe up and ask for her heart's desire.

The word count: 400.

The prize: $50 gift certificate from Amazon.

The deadline: 15 May.

What're you waiting for? Get writing. Post 'em here for me (and maybe a minion) to select the finalists.


Blogger Jambrea said...

Ok...I'll go first

“I want you Paul.”

With those words Paul felt his cock harden and he adjusted himself. He had never met a woman as forward as Jane and he didn’t know if he liked it. He was the one who was the aggressor. He liked to be in control, but every word out of her mouth was turning him on and he was harder than he had ever been before.

Jane sauntered closer to Paul. She wanted him in ways she had never wanted a man before and she was going to get what she wanted. She always did. Paul backed up and ran into the door. Jane gave him a little smile and inched closer.
Jane leaned into Paul and whispered, “Would you like me to tell you how I want you Paul? Can you handle it?”

Paul threw his head back, closed his eyes and groaned. She was killing him, but what a way to go.
Jane needed to touch him, to feel the warmth of his skin. “You’re wearing too many clothes Paul.” Jane tugged his shirt up so she could see his abs. They were taunt, tone and very lickable. “Paul…I want to lick you, right here.” Jane ran her hands over Paul’s abs, she felt him gasping for air. “But that’s not all I want Paul.” She let her hands wander down to his pants. “These have to go.” Jane unbuckled Paul’s pants and pushed them down so they pooled around his ankles. She didn’t have to worry about underwear. Paul went commando. Jane moaned. He was so big. Nice, long and think, just the way she liked it. Jane grasped Paul’s cock in her hand. “I want you inside me Paul. I want it hard and fast.”

Paul was panting. Jane stepped back an inch, not giving him a lot of room. Jane was only wearing a robe and she shrugged out of it. Paul bit back a moan. She was perfect and his, at least for tonight. Paul pulled his shirt off. Jane was back and pressed herself against him, rubbing her breast against Paul’s chest. He could feel her nipples pebble up and he had to touch them. Up until now his hand were hanging by his side and he started to move his hands to her breast.

“No Paul. Tonight you’re mine and you’ll do what I say.”

Anonymous Joy Roett said...

I like it!

WTG Jambrea!

Blogger Valerie T. said...

Excellent! Very sexy. I like it.


Blogger Jess Dee said...

Shew, Jambrea. Hot.
Where is the rest? Darn 400 word limit.

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Yay, first the first entry! And it's *hot*, too. :)

Blogger Jambrea said...

Thanks everybody. :)

Blogger Kissa Starling said...

Whoo, Hoo, Jambrea. I want more too!


Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Okay, so I have never done anything like this before, but here it goes:

Cassie opened the door realizing the time had come. After ten long years, she was going to tell her best friend that she wanted him.

The grin on Jack’s face disappeared as he took in her attire. The expensive black lace teddy had been an impulsive purchase, but the heat in the deep-blue eyes raking over her body and causing her heart to skip a beat proved that it had been worth the price.

“Um, did I interrupt something?” Jack asked while Cassie dragged him into the house seeing no point in giving the neighbors a free peep show.

“Nope, you’re just in time,” Cassie smiled seductively as she helped Jack remove his coat, her mind planning the removal of other items later.

“What are you talking about? And what’s with the get-up?” he asked, his eyes never leaving her.

“Jack, we’ve been friends for a long time now.” Cassie purred brazenly rubbing her body against his, “I have something I need to tell you.”

Bracing herself for Jack’s rejection Cassie closed her eyes half-expecting him to walk away. Instead, to her surprise, he moved closer pressing her heated body to the wall.

“Your sink isn’t leaking, is it?” Jack murmured near her ear.

“Forget the sink! I want you, damnit!” she blurted her well-rehearsed speech gone with the touch of Jack’s lips on her neck. The toolbelt fell forgotten to the floor, his mouth continuing its assault her neck and addling her senses.

“Why haven’t you said anything before?” he asked in between nibbles.

“I was afraid it would ruin our friendship.”

“You haven’t ruined anything. I just need to be clear on what it is you want,” he said hesitantly, pulling back to look into her eyes, his need evident.

“I figured it would be obvious once you saw my outfit,” she said wondering if she should have gone with her first clothing choice…nothing.

“Well, why don’t you spell it out for me, just in case,” he whispered into her ear, his tongue darting out to trace the sensitive shell. The closeness of their bodies leaving little doubt of the effect she had on him.

Her confidence bolstered by her newfound knowledge, Cassie said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what I want. You…me…in bed…naked…now. Got it?”

“Yes Ma’am!” Jack said, his lips descending onto hers. Overwhelmed by his scent, Cassie forgot to breathe as his tongue touched hers.

Blogger Jambrea said...

I like it Jennifer! Great Job. Now I have some competition. Yea!!! :)

Blogger Larissa Ione said...

Ooh, I love them both! Jambrea, you had me at the licking! *g*

Jennifer, it's mean to leave off like that! LOL

Good luck, ladies!

Blogger Valerie T. said...

Jennifer! That's wonderful. Will you stop telling everyone you're not a writer! It's fabulous!

Go forth and write!

Valerie T.

Blogger Nannette Hawkins said...

“Happy birthday kiddo.” Mitch leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Allison’s check. A cold shiver ran down her spine.

She had met and fallen in love with Mitch when she was seventeen. He was five years older than she was, but that never stopped her from following him around. She was turning twenty-one today and the age barrier was lifted. She would finally tell him how she felt.

“Mitch?” She placed her hand on his arm. He looked down into her eyes. Those steel grey eyes of his piercing right through her. She could feel the moisture forming as it usually did whenever he looked at her.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“I need to talk to you…alone.”


She took him by the hand and led him away from the party. Once they were alone she turned to face Mitch, she found his eyes locked on hers, his brow wrinkled as he stepped towards her.

“What’s this all about Ali?”

Allison knew that if she did not speak now she would lose her nerve. With the feeling that she felt pulsing between her legs was not about to let that happen.

“Mitch I…”

“You what?”

“What do you want Ali?”

“MITCH will you shut up and let me finish!”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry.” He laughed. “Please continue.”

She threw her hands up into the air, “I WANT YOU! THAT’S WHAT I WANT!” She blurted out. “I want to be with you. I want your hands on my body. I want to feel your lips pressed against mine. Is that too much to ask?”

Mitch stepped in closer and put his arms around her waist he pulled her against him. She could feel his rigid extension of him pressing against her.

“Is this what you want?” In bent down covering her mouth with his, his tongue darted inside invading deep into her very soul.

“Yes. Oh, God yes.” She murmured through his kisses.

Mitch slid his hands down her body. Allison felt overwhelmed by the heat consuming her body. Her body began to tremble at just the mere contemplation of penetration.

“Oh, my God.” Mitch moaned. “It’s just as I thought it would be.”

Allison whispered, “You’ve thought about us being together?”

“For as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted you.”

She could feel his smile against her neck, as he began to give the best gift ever.

Blogger Nannette Hawkins said...

Jambrea and Jennifer great stories!
You've inspired me. :)


Blogger Jambrea said...

Wonderful Nannette!

Now I ca't wait for the 15th! lol

Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks everyone.

Blogger angeleque said...

She spotted him immediately when she entered, seated at the bar. Renaldo was surrounded by his two business partners, each man flanked by a silicone enhanced woman.

The hostess stepped out from behind her podium, looking Evelyn’s outfit of a simple pair of faded jeans and tank top, up and down with her wrinkled nose but it was her sour expression which told all.

Normally she would have taken more care with her attire, dressed more appropriated but tonight her focus wasn’t on dress code but going after what she wanted.

She hated the smile which was instantaneous now whenever he was around. Blowing out she approached the bar and tapped the woman who’d wrapped herself around Renaldo’s side.

The group turned, looked at her but her gaze remained centered him.

“You accused me of not being real, not being honest with you about who I am and what I want. I want someone to talk to on the way home, no matter the time.” She paused, cleared her throat, stepping closer to him. “I want a friend. I don’t just want the hot, sweaty, monkey, acrobatic, mind blowing sex. I want love and romance, moonlight and roses, snuggling on the couch and kissing in the rain.”

Finally she moved in, taking her place next to him, edging the other woman out and back toward his friend.

“A friend, lover, dance partner, champion, protector, provider… I want it all. House, kids, career and home-cooked meals. And it pisses me off. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you. It was supposed to be just sex. My life... I had everything figured out, what I would be doing and by what age.”

His hand rose to caress her cheek and she leaned into his touch. Briefly relishing the gentle touch and what the words could not convey. Her rich coffee colored eyes linked to his deep sapphire ones.

“I never dated anyone like you. You see me, not an extension of my family or for what lies in between my thighs. You changed my life, pushed me off my square and told me I was beautiful and meant it.”

“Siete bei il mia amore.”

“I want the fucking happily ever after.” She sighed, stepped back, “Now the ball is in your court.” Turning, she walked away, not looking back. Her head hoped he would follow, her heart knew he would.

Blogger Tatterdemallion said...

Alrighty, courage sufficiently screwed:

“I’ll have the conchiglia di capesanta gratinata, a bottle of viognier, and a nocciola gelato.”

She closed her menu and sat back with a satisfied smile on her face, ever so smug around the edges from Adam’s viewpoint across the table. He ordered as well, lingering over the fluid Italian, enjoying himself as her little smile dimmed and she subtly squirmed in her chair. He tossed her his own little smile and sat back to enjoy the air gently blowing in from the water.

“Can I kiss you tonight?”

She glanced down at her lap, hesitating a moment before looking him in the eye.

“You can do a lot of things to me tonight.” Her voice was low and rough; he could almost feel a sympathetic vibration in his own throat. He swallowed.

“Like what?”

Her face turned impish.

“Well, you can start by paying the bill, later.”

“Later? I can think of a million things I could do to you before then.”

She nervously glanced around for curious faces, but found none.

“Don’t chicken out on me, Silla. That’s not how the game is played.”

She shivered as a sudden gust of cool air wrapped itself around her bare shoulders, teasing her hair in little tickles against her skin. Her breath quickened imperceptibly and she leaned forward, loosely hugging herself against the chill.

“Come closer.”

It was whisper soft, but with a heavy thread of darkness he felt down into his groin. She opened her mouth to speak again, but he was already moving his chair to her side of the table, eyes locked on hers.

She sat there, looking at him, the table, everywhere, and took a deep breath, her voice steady when she spoke.

“Warm me up. I’m cold.”

He raised a brow, but lifted one hand and ran the backs of his fingers down her arm. She shivered again, flesh already sensitized from the air and the man.

“Not like that, that’s just making it worse,” she said, eyes closed, voice slightly strangled.

He gently took her arms in both hands, indolently rubbing warmth into them. She leaned forward, face ghosting against his shoulder, the cool crispness of his shirt combining with the delicious heat of his skin beneath it.

She breathed his scent and felt his heated mouth trail from shoulder to neck to ear.

“Yes, like that. Just like that...” she whispered.

Blogger Savannah Chase said...

Jambrea, you did such a wonderfull job with the story...I love it

Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Perhaps more tame, but still in the spirit of the exercise...

His question hung in the air.

What do I want?

Like before a gathering storm, electricity hummed in the air between us. On a normal evening, I would say nothing. I’d let it drop. Pick your battles.

Not this time.

My temper boiled like magma. A fumorole of pent desires spewed, clouded the room, rolled from me like a pyroclastic flow.

“I want a checkbook that isn’t empty. I want to eat a different meal every night, not the same three recipes you’ll consume. I want an hour to myself every evening. I want you to share an activity with your child that doesn’t involve electricity. I want a high-paying part-time job I can do from home. For someone else to clean this pigsty that used to be my house before I had a child. A thank you once in a while. A shower and time to brush my teeth without worrying the roof will cave in. I want a haircut. To buy a box of cookies without increasing our debt.”

He crossed his arms, oddly silent.

I took a breath and continued. “I want you to take the dog for a walk every day. I want you to eat better and take care of your health. I don’t want to lose you in ten years to a preventable heart attack and spend all the insurance money on medical bills.”

“Are you done?”

“No.” I took two steps forward to lean against him and looped my arms around his neck.

Face stoic, he left his arms crossed. I didn’t care.

“I want you to know I’m glad you’re not a convict, a drunk or a druggie. That you don’t hit me, or call me names. I want you to remember I fell in love with you and promised to be with you forever, and I still mean that.”

Shifting, he wrapped his arms around me.

I kissed him. “I want you to do me. Right now. On the floor.”

He lifted me and moved to the family room carpet. His mouth, hands and tongue stripped me. The carpet spiked the skin on my shoulders and buttocks, itching. He pushed his tongue against my clit.

“Move it in circles. Around the nub at the top. Don’t stick it inside.” My fingers entwined in his hair as I chanted instructions he’d apparently never heard before.

About damn time he got it right.

Anonymous Marcia said...

Ok, here goes, this is my attempt at this. LOL!

Striding into the ballroom, Vanessa hoped she wasn’t too late, after learning of the event less than twenty-four hours ago. Most of that time had been spent in airports and aboard commercial flights. Arriving straight from the airport Vanessa hadn’t the time to change out of her leathers and didn’t care if she wasn’t dressed as the other females in attendance.

That male better hadn’t chosen a female, if he knows what’s good for him. Especially since he has been mine from his birth and now he has reached his majority…I am going to claim what’s mine, she thought looking around the room.

Spying her prey, Vanessa plucked a glass of Crown from a passing waiter’s tray, striding over to where Logan stood, surrounded by a bevy of simpering females.

“Hello Logan, nice little shindig you got going on here, Vanessa said, placing her right hand on his right arm. If you ladies will excuse us, I need to speak to Logan privately”.

“Ladies”, Logan said, and gave a regal nod of his head, skillfully removing his arm out of Vanessa’s hold. Taking a grip on her left arm he steered Vanessa over to a quiet and dimly lit corner of the ballroom.

Releasing his hold on her arm, leaning against the wall, legs crossed at the ankles and crossing his arms over his chest, Logan raised an eyebrow.

“Well, Vanessa, what is so important that you didn’t take the time to change your clothes before coming here?”

“I came here to stop you from making a fool of yourself,” she snapped.

“I’m not the one making a fool of myself, Logan said, his gaze going from her head to her booted feet and returning to her eyes. “Tell me what you want, so I can return to my party.”

“What I want is you; Logan and I have come to claim you, as my mate, in front of everyone here tonight.”

Eyes narrowing, Logan scowled at Vanessa.
“What do you mean you have come to claim me? My parents haven’t chosen a mate for me and I am free to choose my own mate”.

“No, Logan, you’re not free to choose a mate. You are mine and have been since the day you were born”, Vanessa said.

Placing her right hand on his nape, Vanessa kissed Logan on the lips, claiming him in front of everyone in the ballroom.

Blogger Jambrea said...

I'm so excited! Today is the last day and soon we will get to see who the finalist are. I can't wait. :)

Anonymous Nannette said...

I'm with you there. This has been fun getting the creative juices flowing! Good Luck everyone!

Blogger Katie(babs) said...

I hope I made the deadline! Here is my short :D

Lacey slowly came awake as the sunshine hit the windowpane through the shade. It was Sunday and she was craving blueberry pancakes. Greg, her husband of five years was still sound asleep as he was spooned up against her back. She would have snuggled back against him and slept a bit more but her stomach was growling.

She wanted those pancakes and there was only one man who made them the way she liked them. Greg.

Lacey turned to her side to look at Greg. She kissed him softly on the lips and he groaned. His arms came around her and his face fell to the side of her neck. Lacey leaned her head into his ear. “Honey, wake up. Make me some pancakes.”

Greg groaned again. “Um… too tired. You get up and make them.” He whispered as he rubbed his nose against Lacey’s neck, which tickled. Lacey gotten up herself to make breakfast, but she had a planned and was sticking to it. She continued to lie there for a moment thinking how she could get Greg up and out of bed and into the kitchen.

Then it came to her.

Ever so slowly, Lacey reached her hands under the cover and rubbed her fingertips across Greg’s boxer covered groin. He quickly became hard. And then that was when Lacey attacked. She quickly put her head under the covers and replaced her hand with her mouth as her tongue shot through the small slit of his boxers. Greg’s eyes popped open.

He was now awake…

Almost two hours later, Lacey was dozing in bed, so very relaxed and naked. As she rolled to her side to face the open bedroom door, Greg came in with a tray. On the tray was his signature blueberry pancakes that Lacey loved so well. There was also two glasses of orange juice. Greg came over and placed the tray on the bedside table and sat on the bed. He reached over to the woman he loved more than his own life and said. “I think I am going to make my pancakes every Sunday from now on.” he chuckled and gave Lacey a deep kiss.

Greg thought about his own form of persuasion. In his hands was a bottle of maple syrup and it wasn’t just going to be used for pancakes.


Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Katie(babs) that's so naughty! Like it.

Good luck, everyone. Some nice wants displayed here.

Anonymous Katie S said...

Eeek, noobie alert. This is my first time and I came in at 423, but didn't want to miss the deadline!

Kim glanced around the deserted Starbucks tables and ground her teeth. She’d wanted it to be empty – no, needed it to be empty – but actually being here had butterflies churning in her stomach.

Churning? Doing summersaults!

Swallowing, she stepped up to the counter and pretended to study the menu.

“What can I get you?”

Kim blotted her sweating palms on her jeans and glanced up. Gorgeous blue eyes, a luscious, crooked smile and a body to die for met her gaze; Adam, exactly the man she was looking for.

He tilted his head expectantly. “Kim? What’ll it be?”

Another knee-knocking toe-curling quickie in the back room, her libido purred. Her brain interfered and she stammered out, “Tall latte”.


Adam flashed her wicked smile and gestured to the wall clock. “It’s almost closing time. Something other than coffee on your mind?”

Good god, he was quick; she could feel her pulse banging so hard she had swallow past the lump in her throat. “Am I that obvious?”

His deep answering laugh was every bit as sinful as she remembered. “Any time you’d like something not on the menu, just call. You have my number. Or we could pop out back…”

Carnal images flashed through her mind of her last trip to the back room: the dark, stuffy, cramped little storage room, the scent of coffee and cinnamon and musky male sweat, the velvet thrust of his body against hers…

Suddenly his eyes widened; he’d spotted her name tag. “Oh my god. Kim Reynolds? You’re that Kim? The lottery winner from last week?” He blinked. “Why the hell are you still here in Hicksville?”

“Wrapping up my last shift; I’m flying out tomorrow for the Bahammas. Need a little space to think over my future, you know?” She swallowed dryly. “It’s going to be lonely, though.”

His eyes made another slow and deliberate dip into her cleavage. “Believe me, babe, you’ll have no problem finding company.”

“Yeah, but what kind of company?”

His eyes gaze sharpened. “You didn’t come here for our shitty coffee and bad jazz, did you?”

She shook her head slowly, deliberately giving him the same top to bottom stare he’d given her.

Now or never.

“Come to the Bahammas with me. For the first time in my life I can have everything I want… and what I want is you. Two weeks with all the sand, sea and sex you can handle.”

Her breath caught and she glanced away, too embarrassed to even look at him.

“When do we leave?”

Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Great entries everyone!

This was my first time ever really writing anything so I was really nervous...LOL.

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Oh happy yay-ness! I've been keeping an eye on the submissions from sunny Florida but on my SIL's dial-up, so I couldn't say anything. But I'm back now so -- this has been an awesome turn out! So many great choices!
Entries will be closed at 12 pst, so I'll be posting finalists bright and early tomorrow morning. (Gonna have a *hard* time narrowing it down, though.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam took a deep breath and started to turn the doorknob to the apartment. She could do this. She would go in, tell him how she felt, and go on from there. Simple, right? She stared down and realized that her hands were tightly gripped to the doorknob. Damn nerves. Okay, so maybe she needed a little more time.

Turning around and walking away, Sam stopped before she reached the stairs. What was she thinking? She had nowhere to go. This was her apartment.

Summoning up all the strength she had in her she marched back to the apartment, opened the door and right away could hear Leo talking to himself in the kitchen. She could smell lasagna in the air and felt her stomach rumble in response. Laying a hand on her tummy she reminded herself that Leo came first, and then food. And if she was lucky, she’d get some dessert before the main course.

Walking into the kitchen she got a nice look at Leo’s butt while he was bent over looking in the refrigerator. Ooh, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on that. She pictured herself running her hands down his back before giving his butt a squeeze as he slid himself inside of her.

Sam didn’t realize she had gone off daydreaming until she caught the look Leo gave.

“Sam?” Leo gave her one of those heart stopping smiles, probably correctly guessing what she was thinking. Probably thinking the same thing.

Taking another deep breath, Sam walked up to Leo and decided it was now or never. “Leo, you’re right. There’s something between us and I would be a fool to let this pass. I want it. I need it. You,” she poked his chest, “Me. Hot monkey-sex.”

“Um, Sam, honey, I love what you’re saying, but,” Leo placed a finger against her lips.

No, dammit, he couldn’t have changed his mind. Not giving him a chance to stop her, she pulled his head down and started to softly kiss him.

Quickly taking over, Leo pulled Sam closer and what started out as soft and sensual turned hot and heady. Sam moaned as she felt Leo’s erection harden, making her feel light headed and thinking she heard voices.

Pulling away, Leo turned towards the phone on the counter and Sam instantly realized Leo wasn’t talking to himself earlier, there was someone on the speaker.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eek, I hope I made it on time... I had trouble with my internet connection. But, my fault for saving everything until the last second, lol.

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