07 May 2008
Oh whee!
I am so freaking excited I could almost pee my pants. We leave tomorrow for the beach! God, I needed this vacation. I've got a stack of books and three notebooks and a new pen refill. Oh, and of course my lovely family too. Hee! The husband got in for R&R earlier this week, and I'm sure I don't have to say how happy we were to see him. I'd say this time in Florida is much deserved by all.

On another note, I'm so happy to see the submissions to my writing contest. I'd been worried for a second that no one wanted my $50 amazon bucks. No need to worry, we've got three awesome entries so far. But more would be fabulous, of course.


Blogger Katie(babs) said...

I just sumitted my short. *BLUSH* hope it is up to par. :D

Blogger Jambrea said...

Ok...now I think I could almost pee my pants. lol I can't wait to see who the finalist are! :) I swear I keep checking back every few minutes. :)

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