13 June 2008
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So I'm looking for an Obama bumper magnet (gotta be a magnet. The husband will have a shit fit if he comes home and finds a sticker on his car, much less one that expired six months earlier.) and I saw this:

An Obama candle. Good heavens. Most importantly, they left out vital information. What does this thing smell like??

However, I might need this:

Is it just me or have campaign t-shirts gotten a hell of a lot cooler?

On to actual stuff. Tonight I'm driving two states south to drop my older two boys off with my MIL. Three weeks of just me and the one year old! It's gonna be so quiet! My house might actually get clean! (The excess exclamation points tell you how incredibly, over the top excited I am.)

On another note, I hit 65,000 words last night on my WIP. I had been thinking I'd use the time the boys are with my MIL to finish up but I may not need that whole time. The downside: I'm thinking I'm only gonna hit around 75k and who knows how much will end up getting sliced in edits. The upside: this would set me up for having a decent draft by RWA. Wild. I might have something to pitch. I'll have to run around and read up on the art of the elevator pitch after all.

PS. Tarnished Angel is now available as a free, pdf download on my website. www.LorelieBrown.com Yay for free e-books!

PPS. I just noticed my sidebar's broken. None of my collapse/expand will open. How can my template break when I haven't done anything but write a post for months?? Oh well. I can't fix it now, and won't have time when I get home. I guess I'll be reverting to my old template.


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