21 February 2010
A playlist!
My current wip has a play list. This is a little unusual for me - I often have a particular type of music I listen to while writing a certain project, like I listened to a lot of blues & jazz while writing Jazz Baby. (Duh.) But a specific set of songs? That's different.

I figured I'd inflict a selection of them on y'all. :D 'Cause sharing insanity lessens it.

First up, a haunting unwilling love song: Loving You Against My Will, by Gary Allan.

Next, we've got the song that kind of pinpoints where the hero's at in the beginning, The Weary Kind. As a bonus, Ryan Bingham's purty darn cute:

I think of my heroine when I hear this one, but I'm not sure why. It's a wistful, lonesome song, and my heroine isn't at all the type to wander around and mourn the end of a relationship. I Go Walking After Midnight, by Patsy Cline:

There's several Johnny Cash songs on the list, but here's only one. Folsom Prison Blues:

Another where the story of the song has little to nothing to do with *my* story, but the tone fits. :) And look, it's Ricky Shroder in the video! (Apparently he directed it as well. Huh. Didn't know that.) Whisky Lullaby, by Brad Paisley and Allison Kraus:

So, anyhow, I bet you can guess what *type* of romance I'm writing, can't ya? ;)


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