17 September 2009
Jeeze, just calm down already!
We're moving. In almost exactly two weeks. ("Go West, young man, go West!") The Army gave us exactly 32 days to get everything done. We'd had word of the change of station coming, but no paperwork, so no way to get a move on.

Now we're trying to get everything done. In less than a month. Holy god, pray for me and pass the chocolate.

As I told a friend, this ain't my first rodeo - but that doesn't mean happens without effort, either.

I resorted to a big ole To Do list a week ago. Wrote up two pages. Lists seriously are my last resort - when I know I have six million things crashing down on me and I must get them all done *now* as in yesterday. (When I was in the army and a lowly Specialist, my E7 boss left me in charge for three weeks. All I remember from that period are lists. And lists.)

The thing is, most of the items on those pages are things I cannot possibly control. Things to be done once we get to Arizona. Appointments that haven't come up yet. Things that are fully out of my control. (Fruedian typo - I skipped the "my" at first. Yep, outta control, for sure.) Things I need to "holy crap, just freaking let go of it already before you drive your damn family MAD!" about.

And so far? Ain't working.

P.S. I was over at Unusual Historicals yesterday, talking about William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi :)
There are so many things to do when you are moving.
Thanks for sharing,
Wishing you and yours safe travelling
Love @RKCharron

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