22 July 2009
Mi Vida Loca (Did I spell that right?)
I'm not sure I can explain how effing wild the past three weeks have been.

Good news first: I got an offer on my 1920s romance from Samhain.

OMG, right?

Naturally, I jumped on that bad boy with both feet. I have so much respect for Samhain, and the writers and editors that work there, it's insane.

I'm going to be an e-published author come March or April. And it'll be out in print in early 2011. I'm going to hold one of my books in hand.

For me, that's not a goal but a milestone. Another step in the road of a long career. The joy is hard to express.

Otherwise, I've had some craziness going on. My husband had ankle surgery. Minor stuff, and actually something he needed to improve his every day quality of life. We have yet to see if it's actually done what's needed, though. The bad news attached to that is our moving date's moved back. Currently we're looking at October, but who knows, really. It's the Army. There's no guessing. So we're stuck in a sort of limbo.

But tomorrow, RWA Nationals round up!


Blogger Jill Sorenson said...

Congrats!! I remember your story at Bam's so I'm excited to read the new one. Coolness.

Blogger LorelieLong said...

*blush* I'm always shocked when someone mentions that story. Like, people actually read it?

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