08 May 2009
It's practically one of the entry rules
If you have a blog, you mention your Golden Heart scores when you get them. So here we go:

I only had one entry, Jazz Baby, my 1920s set book.

Judge 1: 7.8
Judge 2: 9 (Woot!!)
Judge 3: 6.5
Judge 4: 5.4 (*sob* Ok, not really, but there's a pout in there.)
Judge 5: 8.5

Final Score: 37.20

According to the letter, the cut off for the finalists was 37.80, meaning I was 0.5 away from making the grade. It also breaks down to a 7.40 average. Is this good? I have no idea. I guess I'll have to wait 'til everyone else posts their scores too, and see how I measure up.

I can tell you, it made me feel better. The letter has come on the end of a rather disheartening week of writing oriented stuff, and it managed to perk me up. I'm good with being in the second quarter for now, especially considering this was my first full-length work. (So yeah, I had a bit of the hubris in submitting it, I know. I'm nothing if not ambitious.) In a year or two, no it won't be good enough.

But for now? I think a mini-celebration might be in order.


Blogger Megan Frampton said...

That is really good, LL; plus if you got such a strong reaction, that's even better, even though #4 meant that you didn't final.

So, yeah, you should be celebrating. Congratulations.

Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

A celebration is definitely in order. That's a really solid score and something to be proud of. Congrats!

Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

Congrats--that's great scoring! Missed it by that much...worthy of feeling proud of your abilities, that's for sure.

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