19 February 2009
[Insert Evil Laugh Here]
When I got home tonight, I told my older two boys that the living room, dining room, and kitchen needed to be cleared of all their toys and other items. I wasn't yelling, I wasn't nagging, and if this didn't happen, anything still laying about when they went to bed would be thrown out. They said okay, picked up a bit, then got distracted.

I just did the clean up. Among the items found:

Wii remote and nun-chuck.
Oldest boy's favorite video game.
Middle child's lunchbox (the Speed Racer one he loves so much.)
All the crayons.
Oldest boy's favorite pillow.
Half their walkie talkie set.

And many, many more. Enough to fill up a kitchen trash bag.

I do believe I'm going to have two little slaves working for me this weekend, if they have a snowball's chance in hell of getting these things back.

I wonder what I'll have them do. . .


Anonymous Ti O From PAN said...

OOOOh you are a crafty and wise mama!

Now for your rewards a Thin mint cheese cake.

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