18 January 2009
What we do for fashion
Friday I went shopping with a friend and picked up this really, really great outfit. Grey tweed pencil skirt, red 40s inspired blouse with this skinny patent leather belt. And to match, I just had to have these super-adorable black patent leather, peep-toe heels. They've got just a hint of platform to the toes, to make the heel seem even higher. Seriously, I think this outfit's one of my favorites I've bought in a long, long time. If it still fits, I'm definitely taking it with me to Nationals (if I get to go).

Oh, but the shoes.

I'm having to practice walking in the shoes.

I've got them on now, around the house as I make the boy's lunches and chase herd on the little one. Not only do I have to remember how to walk, my poor feet are wondering what in the world I'm doing to them!

And yet I used to wear heels just like these, or sometimes even higher, several days a week. More than that, I wore them to work, where I was on my feet the entire shift *and* the half mile to and from the BART station, twice a day. Plus I then went partying with all my college friends after work.

How in the hell did I manage that?


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