21 November 2008
I cannot express how pissed I am about this:

Arassay Reyes has been kicked off So You Think You Can Dance Canada. This is fifteen levels of wrong. I got pissed off all over again watching this again this morning. The only bright spot for my poor, sick, 'shipper soul is how upset Nico gets when Arassay's announced. He pulls his hat down, then hides his face in an adorably boyish gesture. They are totally in lurve and there is a HEA in their future. (Or at the very least, they're doing the dirty, which also makes deprived-me very happy.)

I am absolutely not kidding when I say I will not watch Canada's SYTYCD next season if either Izaak or Natalli win. I will have absolutely no faith in Canadian viewers.

PS. At all military involved? Feel like torturing yourself? Watch this:


Blogger Kristie (J) said...

It was truly a HUGE WTF moment for me last night - losing both Arassay and Vincent - I'm not kidding when I say it shook my foundation!! There are quite a few people at work who watch it and that was the same reaction they all had this morning too!!!
One girl put it like this - everyone just assumed the two of them were fated to be in the top four, so voted for others - not me - I voted for Arassay. To lose such a brilliant talent is beyond sad.
And the fact that Vincent is out and Izzak is still in is so wrong in EVERY way!!
But - the only bright light in MY horizon is I will get to see them both in person. And Nico too of course.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh goodness,
i feel so lame admitting this but i shipped nico and arassay as well-- they made me soooo so very happy. and yet i know that they both have significant others of their own (but it doesn't mean they didn't have the magic! who knows what's going on there)
ANYWAY they were too cute and I wish they would have danced together in the top four again. UGH!!! it's so very upsetting, and it's even worse now that the realization is that most people didn't vote for vincent and arassay because they assumed they were safe. lawd. i voted for arassay for two hours :(

Blogger LorelieLong said...

Kristie - Rub my nose in those tickets, it's all good. :D You'll just have to give us a blow-by-blow of the show.

Anonymous - They both have SOs? How do you know? Part of me wants to know, part of me doesn't 'cause it'll blow my demented little fantasy to bits. lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on arassay's facebook fan page one of the first messages she wrote was about what she liked to do in her spare time, and one of them was e-mailing her boyfriend back in cuba... also nico has a girlfriend named wynn, and they have taught dance workshops together. OF COURSE, since then, nico and arassay could totally have fallen in love, etc.
anyway i wish they were a couple-- shipping makes me all kinds of happy. we'll just have to wait and see how they will interact in the finale, as i have no doubt they will be dancing together again if they do like the US format where the judges pick which dances they would like to see again from throughout the season. i really hope they dance one of their contemporaries, i don't care which! (and i know technically it was jazz, contemporary and theater but they were all pretty contemporary-ish to me...)

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