21 October 2008
sleep, precious sleep. . .
Tired, cranky, and incredibly anxious. That's me.

I need chocolate.

And booze.

And caffeine.

Preferably all together. But it's a work night, and I'm on a diet too, so no goodies for me. Sigh.

I entered the Golden Heart tonight. That explains the last one, the anxiousness, but the tired and cranky come from a bad night sleep last night. It used to be I could sleep until 2 in the afternoon, then drop off like a rock that night. Now the baby lets me sleep in until 10:30 and my entire schedule's screwed.

So I'm off to bed. At not even 10 pm. Once upon a time, I used to have an exciting life.


Blogger Andy said...

Hopefully your sleep schedule gets sorted out, LorelieLong. It certainly does affect your time when awake.

By the way, I noticed you mentioned you're on a diet. Have you heard of Stacker 2's new Diet & Energy shot? It might be just the kind of thing you're looking for. It gives you a boost of energy while also helping you lose some weight. It comes in a tasty Tropical Blast flavor and has zero calories. Check it out at www.stacker2.com

I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by commenting on your blog, by the way. If you have any questions about the drink, feel free to ask me as I work with Stacker 2. We'd love to hear hat you think of it! Have a great day and good luck with the diet.

Andy Gerrard
Brand Ambassador

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