28 August 2008
Oh yumminess. . .
Lately, my evenings look like this:


Kid wrangling.


Hang on IM with the husband.


As a result, all my tv watching's done in the mornings, when I'm getting ready for work. Thank god for DVRs! Also thank God I only watch like three shows. It takes me three mornings to watch a one hour program.

So, the point is, this morning I was watching last week's Burn Notice. (Absolutely adored the first season. Season two's been good, but not the fabulousness I'm used to. I think it's the whole must-chase-Carla thing I'm not digging.) The mini-bad guy for last week's episode stole a load of drugs meant for a humanitarian mission. Sam was just meeting the bad guy when I had to turn the tv off. Had to, or I was gonna be late for work.

But oh my, I didn't wanna turn it off. The bad guy? He's teh yummiest.

Max Martini (can you believe that name? Supposedly it's real.), better known as Mac from The Unit. In the four minutes he was on screen, he totally dominated everyone else in the frame. He was scruffy, and hit on some skanky chick, and then started a beatdown of one of his own gang members.

And oh how I still wanted him.

What is it with me and bad boys? Batman's sexier than Superman. Christopher Meloni was pretty hot on Law and Order SVU, but as Chris Keller, the deliciously psychopathic killer on Oz, he was smokin'.

I don't think I have a saviour complex. I've no dreams of redeeming anyone. I just want to use one up for a little while. ;) We'll call it research, okay?


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