27 June 2008
My latest guilty pleasure. . . or not
So I cruised over to YouTube to snag the video for my latest guilty pleasure song - one that's an ear virus, and horrible, yet I start bopping along to every time.

And the embed feature is "disabled by request."


Fine then, no viral for you! I won't even mention which song it is now.

Srsly though, why disable the embed? Is there some sooper sekret hacker thing I don't know about where a YouTube video can be stolen if it's embed-able? (And if there is, can someone tell me the trick? Teasing! Just teasing!)

Stayed home sick today. I've got an icky cold that's morphing into a nasty cough. Blech. Got a lot of laundry done, but not much on the writing front. I accidentally left my notebook at work Wednesday evening, so I was SOL. Or at least that was the excuse I used to be lazy and take a three hour nap. :D Damn did it feel good.


Blogger Kristie (J) said...

I've wondered myself why some YouTube videos are disabled by request. It's annoying and puzzling. If I were to have videos there, I'd be thrilled that someone liked it so much they wanted to share it. I mean why put it up there if you don't want people sharing it?????? It's not as if they are losing money or anything.

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