06 August 2008
Just call me Typhoid Mary
I brought a nasty cold home to my family, as an extra special souvenier from RWA Nationals. I'm still praying the kiddos don't catch it. (Did you know there was an actual Typhoid Mary? I thought for the longest time that was one of those urban legend things, but apparently not.)

Anyway, other than that, the National Convention in SF was amazingly fun. I don't think I can adequately describe what a blast it was. (And you call yourself a writer, woman!)

I gotta do this in highlight format because the long version post was getting *ridiculously* out of control.

Stalked both Carrie Lofty and Ann Aguirre down at the Literary Signing. They're both just as wonderful as they seem.
Nalini Singh and Sherry Thomas both knew my name from Tarnished Angel's run on Bam's site!
Finally met Kelly and Patti from my online crit group. Was worried if everything would be the same face to face, but it was even better.
Dinner out at Straits, wonderful Asian-fusion food. Ann's treat!
Staying up way too late, sleep over style.

People meeting! More people meeting! This not-so-people person almost went into melt down! (Which reminds me, what do I do with all the business cards I collected? Email people and say "I met you at Nationals and thought you were fabulous!"?)
Free books began with HQN Blaze signing.
Met up with old friend from High School, brought her back to the hotel for drinks. She's definitely a non-writer (scientist type) so we were joking about her "pitch", making it intentionally silly and awful. One adorably worried conference attendee tried to rescue us from ourselves. Didn't catch her name but whoever that was, I appreciate the thought.
Workshops. A couple of 'em. Kind of non-plussed.
More staying up late!

Editor meeting. Oh holy nerves. Went swimmingly, was in and out in four minutes with a full request. Happy dances were performed.
The rest of the morning was a bit of a blur but I do remember there were book signings. At least two, maybe three?
Tried to go to some workshops/panels but couldn't keep my head in the game. Went upstairs to edit.
Woke up face down in my manuscript when Carrie said it was time to go to the SBTB cocktail party. . .
Which was a blast. Sarah's a quirky sweetheart, and Candy's just like she comes across on the intertubes. Met up with Bettie Sharpe finally, who's supermodel gorgeous. More people meeting!
Dinner and drinks with Kelly, Patti, Carrie, Bettie and Evie Byrne (who gave us all purty, purty hand made book marks.)
More up too late sleep over behaviour! This time with Bettie in attendance, as well. I have a video clip from this night with Bettie and Ann in bed and Ann is saying something about feet and not knowing where they've been. And no, I don't remember any sort of context.

Let me pause to say here the highlight only version is still incredibly long. And I am using a metric fuck-ton of exclamation points. But unless you're willing to read this entire post out loud in a squee-tone, I'm sticking with the exclamation points.

Panels! Note to self for future conferences: I like the panels a heck of a lot more than the workshops. Went to Ann Aguirre's on writing cross-over fiction. Interesting things said. Went to Jane and Nora Roberts' panel on plagiarism. Nora Roberts scares me. I fully believe she will kill me with a hammer if I ever steal her work.
More book signings. Holy crud so many books! Eventually had to control my greed for fear of not being able to get them home.
Award ceremony. Remarked to Carrie that even if my husband didn't say wonderful, supportive things to me I'd have to lie and say he did. Apparently the trick to winning a Rita is to have a fabulous husband. I think I'll be set.
Dessert buffet surprisingly chocolate-light.
My favorite part of the day (and maybe even my favorite part of the trip, even though I seem to have a knack for making a certain person cry - sorry about that!) - Huge writing/goal pow-wow with my crit partners. Big plans made, prime ideas discussed. We are gonna be on top of the world!

Sunday was spent with my mom and her partner, doing the tourist thing, before I caught a red-eye out.

Seriously? (Srsly.) The conference was absolutely everything I'd hoped for and more. I feel totally pumped and confident and ready to take on my next goal. And ohmigod was it straight up fun! Must start saving/planning for next year.


Blogger JenB said...

I once watched a documentary on Typhoid Mary. The irony of her story is that, although she is credited with spreading typhoid to countless people, she never actually presented symptoms of the disease.

Yes. I am a nerd. A major one.

Aren't you glad I stopped by? :)

*leaves before you can throw rocks*

Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Next Year!!! :-)
Where Patti will try harder not to fall asleep at every turn!! LOL!

Blogger LorelieLong said...

jen - more than that, she insisted on continuing in food service work! The sheer balls that woman had. . . :)

patti - we'll just have to lay in a supply of espresso. lol

Blogger Kelly McCrady said...

I'm not normally that weak, honest :-) Stress of traveling and being "on" 24-7...many hugs your way for being blunt when it was needed. Priorities suitably rearranged.

Friends are those who tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

Dammit, you made me cry again (wipes eyes) LOL

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