29 November 2008
Vewy Intewesting. . .
WalMart's not my favorite place for buying books, not by a long shot. But sometimes, it's just handy. God a passel of kids with me, no time for B&N, yet I'll pull my hair out by the roots if I don't read something soon? WalMart to the rescue!

About a week or two ago, I nearly had a heart-attack while walking through my local WalMart. The book section had been cut in half! We used to have a pretty big one, set in the front/middle of the store, but it had suddenly lost half its real estate to a money order center. Blech. I kept walking and gave a little mental sigh at what I thought was more proof of all the dire publishing predictions.

But I was on a mission for Thanksgiving oriented foods, so I didn't have time to stop and see what exactly had been cut to make space. Yesterday, I did. Biting my lip, I trudged over to see how much of Romance had been cut. Would I have to make the trek into B&N that much more often now?

Not at all. The area given to Romance hadn't shrunk one tiny bit. Dude. Half the shelf space lost, but Romance didn't give up a millimeter. That is so awesome I can't even describe.


Blogger Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I went to Walmart once and the book section really blew. I stick to B&N or Borders for my book crack addiction.

Blogger Carolyn Jean said...

That is good news. They say romance is recession-proof. We'll see, I guess.

Blogger Kristie (J) said...

*heavy sigh* The exact opposite happened at the Walmarts in our city. They used to have an EXCELLENT book section but they cut it down by at least two-thirds. And the biggest cut??? The romance section. They have maybe two or three romance books now - except for Harlequins. They have a lot of them minus of course the Historical line which is my favourite!

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