03 February 2009
I'm over there --->
*Today's long-weekends-make-me-PC-stoopid-note: Control + Click does not get me copy/paste, etc.*

I think it's pretty obvious this blog's been neglected. As a result, I think two people read it at this point. Not even my bff - she lost the link, and didn't see the point of relinking if I wasn't going to post. Heh. Don't hardly blame her.

(Though I wouldn't want to say this too loudly, for fear of cursing myself in some way, but I've really been doing better lately!)


If I have a half-assed idea about a post actually being read by more than one point five souls, I have to get someone else to post it for me. Like Katiebabs has so kindly done for my thoughts on Lisa Kleypas' Devil in Winter.

And no, I don't think it's going to win me any friends. *evil grin*


Blogger Manic Witch said...

I'm still here, Toots. :)

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