02 February 2009
On second thought, maybe these topics don't go together
But oh well.

*Note to self. File ->New Tab does not exist on the work computer. Stoopid long weekends*

Hi everyone who followed linkage! Hot, ain't he? I dug back where I found it, and I'm pretty sure the model's name is Lance LaMar. Not sure who the photographer is. If anyone knows, I'd love to be able to credit. (And I will *so* be tracking back tonight, when I'm home. I know those pics will be so much better when they're not one inch by two inches on my phone screen. Plus well thought out, educated commentary. Double win!)


On to things much less exciting than hot guys in rope.

So I've got a friend who's going to be a first time daddy very shortly. In between talking him down from ledges (no, two centimeters does not mean she's about to go into labor any second), I've been shopping for his baby girl. (Lucky bastard. First shot, he gets a girl. I'm stuck with three boys.) He tells me they still don't have a shopping cart cover, so like a good friend, that's what I go looking for.

But honestly? I don't get the deal with these. They weren't around for my firt two kids, and by the time I had the third, I was pretty set in my routine, plus I was all for minimizing the excess crap I dragged around. And more than half the time, they were asleep from the ride in the car to get to the store. Like hell was I waking them up. Don't trust the cleanliness of carts? Leave the baby in their car seat, snap that to the top. Less hassle for everyone.

But at least I get to buy one with pink in the pattern.


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