11 March 2009
Ah, Twitter, feeding my neurosis. . .
I'm addicted to Twitter. Like I really needed something else, right? But Twitter's most awesome 'cause I have this cool app for my phone, so I can actually stay connected during the day. Yay-ness.

Anyway, I'm following a bunch of people, but among them is an agent I've queried. Oh god. Every time the agent tweets about her query pile, my stomach takes a tumble. And I immediately scurry off to check my email. Doesn't matter if all she says is that she finally managed to get the pile under 500. (Btw, 500? *boggle* Thank christ I'm not an agent.) I'm off like a Chihuahua that's gotten into the coffee beans.

Oh, and let me take a minute here for a slightly tangential topic - the agent I queried participated in the inagural Twitter #queryfail. And I loved watching it. And I couldn't give a damn if she and the rest of the participants are considered Mean Girls (and Boys) because really? I'm not always a nice person. I'd rather have an agent I could actually relate to and who tells it to me straight than one who feels it necessary to couch everything in sweetness and light.

Look at me getting waaayyy ahead of myself. Like I've got an agent already.

Oh look, I'm going to wander off topic again. I love that so many agents are e-query friendly. It's awesome. And I've queried a bunch already (I'm not disclosing the number, that's kind of like disclosing the number of sexual partners you've had. Everyone's happier if you don't.). A *huge* percentage ask that you include some number of pages in the body of the email. I even get, and appreciate that. But there's this tiny little part of me that wonders. . . would I have gotten more requests for partials by now if it weren't for that? 'Cause at this point, it's hard to tell if it's my query or my ms that's getting the fails so far.


Me, a neurotic person? Ya don't say.


Blogger Carolyn Jean said...

I am a sick twitter person too. I have two separate twitter identities. Uh. Good luck with the agent search!

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