20 May 2009
"Cheating" heros?
I've always maintained a hero who sleeps with someone other than the heroine doesn't bother me, dependant on the situation. Primarily, the hero/heroine aren't "together." They're not dating, they're not screwing, they're especially not married. A hero who's just met the young, dumb ingenue at a ball, then visits his long time mistress that evening? Doesn't bother me. A hero who thinks his love is lost forever and futilely attempts to bury his pain in the arms of another woman? ::::cough:::DerekCravenAnyone?::::cough::: It's all good.

Being in love doesn't render a man's dick un-inflatable for all but the magical hoo-ha. Sorry, but it's true.

(On a tangent, how much would I totally love seeing the reverse of this? A heroine who meets the hero, but still keeps an appointment with her regular fuck buddy that night? Oh the brain melting possibilities of that.)

Which brings me to my current reading, a historical romance. Early in the book, before there's any real connection between h/h, the hero mentally references having recently been to a brothel. No biggie, I'm fine with that. A third of the way in, the h/h are developing a bit of a relationship, but it's not *that* deep. A couple kisses, heavy flirting, that's it.

The heroine catches the hero coming out of a brothel, and even sees him in the arms of his hooker of choice. The next day, she confronts him about this and tells him how it hurt.

And he is absolutely fucking dismissive of her. He apologizes once, and by the very next page is flouncing off, calling her frigid and unforgiving for not letting it go already. Did you catch that part about how this was less than one page after the apology? He runs away to war, and the next time he even thinks of her (like 15 pages later) his ONLY thoughts revolve around how he wished they'd had a chance to bang. Not one speck of care about her emotional or mental state, or even regret that she'd been hurt, at the very least, even if he didn't regret screwing the hooker.

You know what, dude? Take your toys and go home. I don't care. I would take a "cheating" hero over one who's disdainful of the heroine any fucking day.

I don't know that I care where the mighty wang goes. But I can never, ever believe in an HEA for a relationship without respect.


Totally! I'll allow for a lot of bed hopping, but a basic respect has to be there!

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