26 May 2009
These people breed?
My oldest kid's sick. Flu bug apparently, because he's puking up and got a fever. I'd say poor dude, but he's been granted special dispensation to hang out in my room all day to avoid the toddler menaces.

But I called the advice nurse at my clinic, on the recommendation of my boss, who was all "Ack! Swine flu!" (I was more "Huh. If he needs a doc appointment, I get out of work for a few hours.")

Nurse: Has he kept any fluids down?

Me: Well, I left for work at seven, but before that, no.

Nurse: Is anyone home with him?

Me: *blink. blink. wha-huh?* Yeah. His nanny.

'Cause even if someone was that bloody stupid, they'd admit it? "Oh, sure, I left a vomiting 8 year old with little self control home alone. Thought it'd make a great slap-stick adventure, ya know?"


Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

It takes a lot of stupid to make that kind of statement. I'm still shaking my head. Makes you want to say - seriously, you didn't just ask me that question, right? I relate. I'm in the emergency room with my leg stretched out on the table, blood oozing for 40 effing minutes, and some nurse bops in and says: "I'm just here to check on you and see if you are okay. And what are we in here for today?"
Me: Uh, gee. I don't know. Maybe given the fact that I'm bleeding all over your fucking table will give you a clue."

I would have traded her and the three other not so smart people who stopped by for ONE cute doctor. (Although thanks to the woman PA who sewed me up - damn good job!).

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