22 June 2009
Damn, they got me good
I swept in the door after work, arms filled with junk food for the family. As I handed out chicken nuggets and fries, the husbandly type told me I had a book on the counter. Sweet! I was only expecting one book, Victoria Dahl's new one, and it even came a day earlier than the shipping estimate. With the husband going out tonight for his volunteer firefighter's meeting, I'd have a solid couple hours of quiet to read.

I sat down on the couch with my food and the Amazon package and zipped open the tab. It was the wrong book! Even worse, it was a book I already had and had read dozens of times, so it wasn't like I was getting a freebie. (For the curious, the book was The Gunslinger, by Stephen King.)

I cussed and moaned, and the husband commiserated, asking what I'd have to do now. "Email them, tell them what happened," I said. "They'll probably just send another."

I was pretty bummed. Glumly, I bit into my hamburger - which had evil pickles on it, even. Obviously this wasn't turning out to be my night.

I became aware that the oldest child was hovering over my shoulder, smirking at me. I looked at him. He looked at my bookshelf. Back and forth a few times. Finally, I got up. Inspected the shelves. (It took a minute, I've got stuff double and triple stacked on there.)

There, on its side and bottom out, was Start Me Up. They'd switched out the books!

What brats I've got in my life.


Blogger Patti Ann Colt said...

Oh man - evil, evil. That deserves salt in the sugar bowl. . .

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