28 November 2009
5 Questions
Memes! I <3 memes. Especially when I have sadly neglected my blog....they're an easy road home.

This one came by way of Sarah, so let's have at it.

If you'd like to play along, leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
* Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
* Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. You write historicals: do you wish your brain would let you write contemporary or a different historical era?

Actually, my brain does let me write other eras. :) I have my 1920s set book coming out in spring, Jazz Baby, but that's not the only period I've written. I've done some contemporary shorts, and I have an 1880s set novel with which I'm still not happy with the ending. I'm writing a 20s novella right now, but I think after that will be a contemporary full-length.

I do wish I could be a little more mainstream. The 1880s book I wrote? It's a western, when the general consensus is that westerns aren't selling well, and there's nary a cowboy in sight. It's all miners. And there's no gunslinging. And one of the biggest secondary characters is a whore. *sigh* I think I am just a little broken. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if I could write a couple Lords and Ladies. Maybe a debauched Duke or two.

2. What's your favorite flower and why?

Porcelain ones. Or metal, or ceramic. Just not a living, green type that I'm expected to keep alive. It doesn't work, and then I end up all disappointed with my black thumb, and I worry about disappointing whomever gave me the plant.

Or I could say any that my husband randomly brings me. He's been known to give me flowers just for the heck of it, and I absolutely adore that about him.

3. Do you think your husband is The One for you or fouls you have married someone else?

I'm not sure I believe in the ideal of The One. Shocking, for a romance writer, I know. I kinda think that each person, as they go through life, usually meets a few people that they could make a loving, satisfying and fulfilling life with. The One kind of negates the hard work that is marriage.

That being said, yes, I think marrying my husband was the right choice. We've made a good life together and I think it'll only keep getting better.

4. Do you WANT to be able to write full-time?

God yes. Making a living off my writing one of my goals. I've gotten a taste of it lately, and even with working the stay-at-home gig at the same time, I'm liking it. I imagine it'll only get better when the littlest one's in school.

5. What's the best thing about your husband's deployments?

Spinach & mushroom pizza.

To be a little less specific, not having to choose between cooking a full meal (with meat. He's always got to have meat. The more often it's red, the better) or going out to a full-service restaurant. When it's just me and the boys, I can get away with making them fast choices, and I can have non-normative food.

Oh, and being able to watch Pride and Prejudice as often as I want.


Blogger Lemon Stand said...

I am a dismal failure with Meme's but I just wanted to delurk long enough to wish you and your family a belated Happy Thanksgiving. (Oh and to agree with you about deployment, pizza and Pride and Prejudice. :o)

Blogger Kate Diamond said...

I don't believe in "the One," either. That ended sometime around age 22... or, rather, once I got over my first love.

This makes me feel like a bit of a poser, as a romance novelist.

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