10 October 2009
We made it. All alive and in one piece. Four days on the road, two adults and three kids in a truck. Three nights in hotels. The second night was in the teeniest effing motel I've ever set foot in. Two full beds, both right up against the wall and with only a foot between them.

Now tho? Swank suite. Nice. And I've already got a five page printout of available rentals in the area. In something like size 8 font. I need a highlighter.

Randomly, did you know Arizona didn't participate in Daylight Savings Time? I'm going to have to look up why, but it makes some sense - this was never a particularly agrarian region.

I think my brain's too shot to be interesting right now. By the third day, I thought the Rio Grande drained into the Pacific side. *sigh*

I'd say it was time to go to bed, but I have rental houses to Google.


Blogger Carrie Lofty said...

Yay! You're there! Congrats :)

As for DST, Arizona doesn't participate for the same reason it didn't want to have MLK Day as a holiday: stubbornness and a strong libertarian bent. Have fun living there!

Anonymous Joy said...

OMG - kids stuck in car - LOL - I have a room smaller than what you had to endure - The Pod hotel in midtown NYC. I guess the name should have clued me in - So glad to make it to your destination.

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