22 July 2010
Jazz Baby's new review
So....Kinda empty in here, isn't it? And I have no one to blame but myself. The longer you leave a blog alone, the harder it is to come back. You (or at least I) feel like whatever you post when you come back has to be epic. Funny. Interesting in a way that says "Look, this is why I was gone so long! I was preparing this perfect post!"

I wasn't preparing something perfect. Obviously. ;)

But, look! I got a lovely review from Sonomalass. That's definitely worth posting for. *pets pretty-pretty review* Even better, I popped her iPad's ereader cherry. I think that's probably the closest I'll get to an iPad for a long, long time. (The ones I fondle at Best Buy don't count because they let just anyone pet them. They're slutty like that.)

Anyhoo, if anyone does happen to be floating around here looking for me, I'm on twitter. Actually I'm on twitter a lot... Like, a LOT. Feel free to hunt me down.


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